The Colour Black

Modest to the point of peity,  Kiwis consider it a sin to ‘stand out’ too much, be it in fashion, opinions, or lifestyle. And nothing blends into the background better than the colour black.

Black is everywhere in New Zealand. Or rather, bright colour is nowhere to be found. Clothing stores can’t get enough of it. It is the colour of all our national sports teams. Even the cricket team – who compulsorily wear white – call themselves the ‘Black Caps’.

Cleverly, Kiwis tell themselves a number of lies or half truths to back up the bond to black. Inlcluding: that it is slimming; that it makes you look younger; that it is more elegant.

The reality is – black is a cop out. A way to attempt elegance, without having to do very much. But most importantly, in black, you will never, ever look like ‘some sort of a try hard’. Which suits Kiwis just fine.

Ironically, for a nation so in love with black, we also suffer a troubled past and disharmonious present, when it comes to race relations.