Weddings on Beaches

Kiwis are a pretty adventurous bunch when it comes to weddings. Any popular activity pursuit can be mangled into some sort of a wedding ceremony. Bungy Jumping. Parachuting. Snow Boarding. Domestic Violence. But by far the most popular outdoor destination for tying the knot, is the Kiwi Beach.

Not content with surmounting only the typical, albeit already highly demanding and stressful, challenges of putting on a wedding, the pioneering, ‘have-a-go’ kiwi personality likes to make things just that little bit harder for themself, by throwing in a bunch of totally unpredictable variables, such as weather, tides, sand storms, ruined bridal wear, hypothermia and sudden death.

Assuming all these factors work perfectly on the day, the results, some argue, are totally worth the hair loss and premature aging. Casually persuing the evidence – a picture perfect wedding album with all the glossed-on romance of a Baywatch episode – others are inclined to disagree.

Whatever your inclination, don’t be alarmed if, strolling a New Zealand beach on a hot Saturday afternoon in summer, you stumble across 4 vintage cars marooned in the rising tide, and a bride with mascara smeared across her face, like a racoon, from rubbing the sand out of her eyes.

It’s just another hardy, unnecessarily difficult, colonial wedding.