Want to know what really makes Kiwis tick? No neither do we.

Instead we set documenting all the shit we think New Zealanders are actually into. Kiwianarama is the result. A listopedia of modern Kiwi interests, hobbies, and national characteristics – based entirely on a handful of unsolicited opinions.

It is neither factual, or even that current. We all have real jobs too. But we do hope it’s funny, or at least strikes a chord – if not a very pleasant sounding one.

If you have something to say about the content, complain to your friends. If you don’t have any friends – which, given you are reading the ‘About’ pages on an obscure website, altogether likely – and insist on complaining to us, then tell us so in the comments. You will find yourself in good company.

Just don’t expect us to enter into an intelligent debate, or any shit like that.