Dub and/or Reggae Music

New Zealand has never quite recovered from the Bob Marley concert at Western Springs, Auckland, in 1979.

Consequently, nothing sets the tone for a kiwi dinner-party or summer BBQ quite like a the sound of 8, white 40-somethings, from the suburbs of Wellington, playing the national music of oppressed-black-nation Jamaica. Only much slower. And without melody or structure.

In the absence of a CD of local Dub and/or Reggae music to set the mood for a special event, expect to hear either, or both, ‘Legend’ and ‘Exodus’ (Bob Marley’s Greatest Hits Vol 1 & 2) on permanent rotation.

Some even go so far as to argue that the meteorologically-defined, calendar beginning of Summer, which falls on 1st December, is incorrect, and that in fact summer does not truly start until the opening drum roll of ‘Is This Love’ (the first track off ‘Exodus’) can be heard blasting – from a battery powered stereo – outdoors somewhere near either the sea, a lake and some trees, or a KFC restaurant car park.

Acceptable examples include: anyplace where meat is cooking on an open flame; Whangamata or Mt Maunganui campsites leading up to New Years Eve; Albert Park on any given Sunday throughout February.