Cheap TV Adverts

Small to medium sized Kiwi businesses just can’t seem to get enough of badly produced, low-rent TV commercials featuring themselves, their staff, or an immediate family member. And while she might be the apple of your eye, mate, with a face like a badly-healed motorcycle injury, your darling daughter is unlikely to shift a lot of budget leather sofas.

The sad irony is, that New Zealand also has a remarkable output of world class, international award-winning advertising campaigns for a nation of it’s size.

The owners of such outlets as ‘Lighting Direct’ or ‘Big Save Furniture’ may indeed argue that any savings on the cost of their advertising are passed on to their customers in competitive pricing. “Why pay a professional, when I can do it myself!” . This may be true, but the same attitude to quality, attention to detail, and style, is almost inevitably reflected in the the shops’ product line, which is, in every case, cheap shit.

And though there is some merit to the ‘memorability factor‘ of the kind of crap advertising that makes you want to throw your dinner at the telly, an infamy and recognition that may, for a time, draw in customers. It is usually short lived. For proof, look no further than the following three words.